Sustainable Shopping Center

  • Location: Dalian, China.
  • Sector: Retail, Mixed-Use
  • Client: Wanda Group
  • Size: GLA: 100,000 m2
  • Status: Competition, Nominated Property Awards 2018
  • Year: 2017

On the whole planet, we have a problem with the growing city system. Cities are growing very fast and
people are moving from their villages and from the countryside to the city.
With these migrations, we consume a lot of energy and we contaminate the cities.
We should create sustainable buildings that are possible to be built everywhere.
Our idea is to create a sustainable super-building with a Shopping Mall inside, as the engine of the complex.
So, why should you want a dome shopping mall anyway?

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. They’re Disaster-Proof
  3. Cheaper to Build than Traditional square shopping malls
  4. Endless Design Possibilities
  5. Dome-Shaped Homes Look Spectacular
    On the ground floor of the building we have ART galleries and art spaces open to the public, to share and
    express the art we have inside.
    In the upper levels, we start with the SHOPPING MALL.
    Once we have finished with our shopping we can go to the big PUBLIC PARK to take a break with amazing
    views, green spaces and restaurants.
    Depending on the project location, we can allocate offices or apartments in the upper levels.
    The way we configure the program makes the building be always alive.
    Offices and shopping mall makes the sphere alive during the day time, and with the addition of some
    levels of residential, we make sure that the building is always alive.
    To finalize the building, at the top of the development, we have the CO-WORKING mixed with a VERTICAL-FARM. We use these levels
    for open and sharing spaces.