Manuel Caicoya has over twelve years’ of international experience. He  has worked in  worldwide   recognized  offices  including in Spain, England, USA, China, Portugal, Australia and Mexico.

Having worked in leading architecture offices across four continents, in very different cultures with disparate people Manuel has gained the trust of a wide variety of clients.

Combining his long international experience with that of his employees he founded YEAH
(Young Experienced ArcHitects).


Manuel Caicoya, a Spanish architect, founded global architecture company
YEAH (Young Experienced ArcHitects) in 2012.  

Using the skills and international experience of architects from different countries, YEAH carries out projects around the world.

The large variety of nationalities in the company allows YEAH to cover a larger market. 


YEAH is that rare breed of architects who look to the future without forgetting the past. Respecting nature, environment and culture. Uniting all these elements with technology, they are able to create a sustainable and intelligent architecture, what they call “smart architecture”.

YEAH is architecture for people, sustainable design with a lasting impact. Clean and smart architecture. 


ARB, RIBA architects


Sustainable design


Manuel Caicoya, YEAH founder/director on Ukraine News on national TV

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