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  Founder & Principal Partner 

Manuel Caicoya has over twelve years’ of international experience. He  has worked in  worldwide   recognized  offices  including in Spain, England, USA, China, Portugal, Australia and Mexico.

Having worked in leading architecture offices across four continents, in very different cultures with disparate people Manuel has gained the trust of a wide variety of clients.

Combining his long international experience with that of his employees he founded YEAH architects. 


Principal Partner

Kollin has over 15 years’ architectural experience and has been responsible for the design and delivery of major projects in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

 Currently based in London, Kollin Specialism is Retail and Mixed-use design. He has experience of working on projects from Master planning through to contruction stages. His creativity, experience and knowledge of the market, make him the most valuable asset of any retail & mixed use project and guarantee the success of the project to be delivered.


Principal Partner

Rizki graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, with Master’s of Architecture and Urbanism in Design Research Laboratory. His experience ranges from leading international projects, including mixed-use developments, to designing architectural pavilion and exhibition. 

During his 10 years of UK experience, Rizki was responsible for numerous large-scale projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and America. Rizki joined YEAH Architects in 2019 as a Partner and overseeing projects from masterplanning to construction stages, including commercial and private sectors.


ARB architects (United KINGDOM)


Vilnius Concert Hall, Lithuania


Wanda Shoping Centre, Chengdu (China)

Sustainable design


MC, YEAH founder/director on Ukraine News on national TV

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