Suzhou Spa/Hotel

  • Location: Suzhou, China.
  • Sector: Hospitality, Spa
  • Client: HK City
  • Size: 30.000 m2
  • Status: in progress
  • Year: 2019

Competition held in South China, in the town called “The Venice of China ”. A place of great expansion surrounded by lakes full of plants and animals unique to their species.
One of the biggest promoters in China decided to create a spa-hotel for its clients to enjoy the unique landscape.
We decided to use the aquatic plants on the river bank and the lily pods as the concept for the project.
We integrated this concept with the traditional architecture of the area including the courtyards. Thus we respected the nature and culture of the place. The space was square with open courtyards.
The water plant, lily pods, were circular in the plan. By overlaying these geometries the result was a circular courtyard floor.
From that idea, we designed different types of buildings all with the same concept and circular pattern.