Smart Kiosk

  • Location: Chicago, USA.
  • Sector: Retail, Cultural
  • Client: Chicago City
  • Size: GLA: 30 m2
  • Status: Competition finalist
  • Year: 2015

It was the first edition of the Biennial of Architecture held in Chicago.
Our office was invited to the contest to design a pavilion that would be placed on the shores of
Lake Michigan.
It is a micro space that serves as a kiosk for selling soft drinks, bike rental, sale of newspapers, etc.
In turn, this Kiosk is to be a piece of art and inspiration during closing hours.
As we say in our design philosophy we want to mix culture and nature with technology.
We use the form of one of the shells we can find the lakeshore and within introduce the program.
We apply “smart technology” and apply motion sensors and LED lights.
The wind makes the move motion sensors, which are connected to a system of LED lights.
This system is programmed to vary the speed and color according to the wind.
With the kiosks being distributed along the beaches of Lake Michigan, as we go walking the kiosks
will change color depending on the wind.
We will develop an application for smartphones which we users can access they go to the beach
to see if it’s a good day for wind.