• Location: Madrid, Spain.
  • Sector: Residential, Refurbish
  • Client: Veldonez family
  • Size: GLA: 200 m2
  • Status: proposal
  • Year: 2021

When the family bought the apartment the previous client closed the terrace. But Veldonez family wants it to recover and give an open space to their apartment and create an open and large terrace to be used all the year.

The apartment design is very simple and functional, we decided to curve the corridor corner to have a more fluid path.

The main concept is a mix between Madrid apartments design and Cadiz landscape colours. Warm colours give a more friendly atmosphere to the apartment.

We created a very transparent kitchen connected to the dinning room so circulation and communication between both spaces will be very smooth and easy.

Using the right materials and texture we can re-design an old apartment and convert it into beautiful new living spaces.