Barack Obama , Presidential Library

  • Location: Chicago, USA.
  • Sector: Cultural, Museum
  • Client: City of Chicago
  • Size: GLA: 12 m2
  • Status: Competition
  • Year: 2015

This project is the result of the competition held for Barack Obama Presidential Library.
In the United States of America, every president has a library – where their years of service to the
country are documented.
The location is perfect, along the Chicago River in the heart of the city. The only drawback we had
was the train line passing between the proposed land and river.
To overcome this obstacle we decided to cover the railway line with a park. This allows the library
to be connected with the river. At the same time, a public space for citizens is created.
Again we applied our design philosophy, nature + culture.
We connected the river to the library to connect the people with nature and to create a link between
the river and the library.